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Headscratchers: Jessie
  • Why are the kids in a public school, when it is clear that it is underfunded and broken, and that they could clearly afford to go to a private school?
    • Because bad schools are hilarious...of course
    • In Creepy Connie's Curtain Call, we see that they attend Walden Academy - this could be a private or charter school.
    • Minus the art teacher not caring about her job, and the lunch lady being to afraid to testify against a bully the school isn't too bad.
      • Wealthy parents sending their kids to an inner city public school for the diversity and real-world instead of "bubble" experience is way more likely than an underfunded, broken Manhattan private school. Charter's still a possibility.
    • In one of the more recent episodes, Jessie says, "Your parents are paying way too much money to send you to that school," which seems to imply that it is a private school.
  • Where does Zuri go to school? I don't think she's ever been seen in a school scene with the other kids, but if Ravi is only in fourth or fifth grade, then he shouldn't be in the same school as Emma and Luke... So my question is: where does she go? She's 7 and in second grade, so she must go somewhere...
    • The episode "Make New Friends But Hide the Old" shows Zuri going to school (and since she never shows up with Luke and Ravi, we can safely assume it's a different school). It also shows Emma going off to high school for the first time.
      • The episode "Teacher's Pest" entirely revolves around Zuri's class and teacher!
    • In every school I know, the grades are JK to Grade 8. Why would Ravi be in a different school? I live in Canada, by the way.
      • Some school districts in the US can break up the pre-HS grades. Usually it's elementary is K-5 (Pre-K is often not associated with the district for some reason, at least none of the schools I've been to/heard of had it) and middle school is 6-8. If Luke is in 6th grade and Ravi is in 5th they wouldn't be in the same school.
  • What's Tony's last name?
    • "The Trouble with Tessie" reveals it (though this troper forgets what it is exactly)
    • He's Tony Chiccolini.
  • "Trashin' Fashion". How did Christina not know sooner that Kitty Couture was her own daughter?
    • Considering Emma makes sure that no one knows Kitty Couture's true identity, that's a given.
  • Why does Emma go crazy around celebrities if her parents are celebrities?
    • Because she's a stereotypical teenage girl. What else could the writers have her do?
  • Peyton R. List mentioned on her Facebook that her absence from "Creepy Connie Comes-a-Callin'" and "World Wide Web of Lies" was due to her filming Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days; if that's the case, how come Karan Brar's never missed an episode?
  • In "Make New Friends But Hide The Old", Luke brings Kenny to school by mistake, and Ravi takes the blame. Why didn't he just blame the bear on his baby sister? I mean, it's good to see the boys bonding, but when they have two sisters who probably both have stuffed animals (though only Zuri's acknowledged as having them), why didn't at least Ravi think of using that excuse?
    • I believe it was because people were already starting to crowd around and tease Luke, so Ravi simply used the first excuse he could think of to defend his brother before something too far went down.
  • In "Somebunny's In Trouble" why doesn't Emma recognize Luke's phone number? She finds a number in her boyfriend's pocket, calls it & is Surprised when Luke picks up. Why? Shouldn't she know her brother's cell number?
    • Maybe Emma gave Luke's phone number to a girl he didn't like as revenge for something he did to her and he changed it and never told Emma.
    • She'll have saved it in her contacts under his name, so won't notice the actual number.
  • How was Zuri able to levitate in "Diary of a Mad Newswoman"? There's no indication she was attached to a wire like the furniture was.
  • The sheer prospect of kids being able to fence in "Why Do Foils Fall In Love?". Someone could very easily be maimed, or even worse. Who the hell thought of fencing of all things, and who actually supported the idea?
    • Fencing is actually offered in some public high schools and junior high schools, so it's not actually surprising a (presumably) private academy would offer it.
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