Heartwarming: Jessie

  • Zuri's report about Bertram and his job in "Creepy Connie's Curtain Call".
  • The funeral for Milly the Mermaid. Yes, a funeral for an imaginary friend.
  • "All the Knight Moves" has quite a few. Zuri (who had take Took a Level in Jerkass in season 2) wanting to win a trip to Paris for Jessie despite putting so much pressure on her. She then gives it up after she learns her opponent left his family in Paris to focus on chess, regretted it, and wanted to win to see them. Even though Jessie was really upset she wasn't going to Paris, she was still proud of Zuri for helping him. To top it all off, Zuri calls her dad and gets him to let them use the jet to go to Paris that weekend.
  • In "Quitting Cold Koala", why Luke is so attached to Kenny: Kenny was the only one who was always there for Luke at the orphanage until he was adopted. He doesn't want to lose what he considered his only family at one time.
  • Luke's adoptive family being there for him at the end of "Lizard Scales and Wrestling Tales"
  • All the kids defending Bertram in "Tell-Tale Duck" after Bertram's masquerade as a successful millionaire was revealed to be a lie. To make things even sweeter, Bertram's successful rival, who is the reason Bertram was pretending to be successful the whole time, is revealed to be a liar and that he's unemployed, bald, and his girlfriend was his cousin. This whole episode was a Throw the Dog a Bone for Bertram.