Awesome / Jeff Dunham

  • Anytime José "triumphs" over Peanut when they're hurling insults at each other. The look on Peanuts face adds to it all. From Controlled Chaos:
    José: You are not a loser señor.
    Jeff: Thank you José!
    Peanut: Suck-up!
    José: Muppet reject!
  • In Arguing with Myself, José is singing in a really high pitched voice and Jeff closes the lid of José's box and opens and shuts it repeatedly, with it working perfectly. José even compliments him on this.
  • The end of Controlled Chaos: Jeff manages to do five voices in rapid-fire: himself, Peanut, José, Little-Ugly-Ass-Jeff, and the Peanut handpuppet Jeff uses to mock Peanut with.
    • Just to emphasize here, Jeff isn't just controlling his ventriloquist's puppet, he's also controlling his ventriloquist puppet's ventriloquist puppet. He has literally taken his craft to a new level.
    • This particular act is Older Than They Think: Jeff did a version of this at a televised gig at the Improv in the early '90s.