Awesome / Jeff Dunham

  • Anytime José "triumphs" over Peanut when they're hurling insults at each other. The look on Peanuts face adds to it all. From Controlled Chaos:
    José: You are not a loser señor.
    Jeff: Thank you José!
    Peanut: Suck-up!
    José: Muppet reject!
  • In Arguing with Myself, José is singing in a really high pitched voice and Jeff closes the lid of José's box and opens and shuts it repeatedly, with it working perfectly. José even compliments him on this.
  • The end of Controlled Chaos: Jeff manages to do five voices in rapid-fire: himself, Peanut, José, Little-Ugly-Ass-Jeff, and the Peanut handpuppet Jeff uses to mock Peanut with.
    • Just to emphasize here, Jeff isn't just controlling his ventriloquist's puppet, he's also controlling his ventriloquist puppet's ventriloquist puppet. With one hand. He has literally taken his craft to a new level.
    • This particular act is Older Than They Think: Jeff did a version of this at a televised gig at the Improv in the early '90s.
  • If the guy who acted as Gabriel Iglesias' escort during his trip to the Middle East is correct, Jeff Dunham is the number one comedian over there. Then the guy quotes Achmed with a big grin on his face. As Gabriel noted, "they get it." It's pretty awesome that Jeff Dunham, a guy who's built a career out of using puppets to be politically incorrect to the extreme, can bridge two worlds based purely on the fact that his Crosses the Line Twice style comedy is funny, PC or not.