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Quotes: Jeff Dunham
Local flavor
  • Billings, Montana on the Christmas Spacial DVD:
    Walter: [looks out at the audience]: Is this the population of the entire state?

  • On a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark:
    Walter: Everyone we've met here is named Christian! Including the Jewish guys!

  • Santa Ana, California, on Arguing with Myself
    Peanut [reading name of city]: "Sah... N'tah... Ah........ Nah." What the hell is that?
    (insisting that he's saying it right): Sah N'tah Ah Nah, Sah N'tah Ah Nah, Sah N'tah Ah Nah, hoyahoyahoyahoya...

  • The moment Bubba J goes on stage in Minneapolis, Minnesota:
    Bubba J: I'm home!

  • In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, December 31, 2011 (Jeff was trying to make a Lampshaded Double Entendre, but it bombed):
    Walter: You got some funny place names here, how do you say it - Blown-ox?
    Crowd, more helpful than amused: Blawnox.

  • In Washington D.C., on Spark of Insanity:
    Walter: I stood in front of the IRS building and just flipped them off.

Jeff's usual response to a heckler

Usually Walter or Peanut: Excuse me, but do the tickets say "Jeff Dunham, his friends, and the drunken asshole in the back"? Methinks not!

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