Awesome / It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

  • Linus tries to convince a doubtful Sally of the Great Pumpkin's existence:
    Linus: But I thought little girls believed what was told them. I thought little girls were innocent and trusting.
    Sally: Welcome to the 20th Century.
    • Sadly, this awesome burn is subverted a moment later since Sally decides to go along with Linus' silly Great Pumpkin wait anyway. Love Makes You Stupid, indeed!
  • Sally chewing-out Linus after The Great Pumpkin turns out to be a great bust!
  • Snoopy as the WWI Flying Ace. This was the first time that Peanuts fans got a really in-depth look at just HOW much of an incredible fantasy life Snoopy really has. Though brief (under 3 minutes long), it was by far the most epic thing 1966 audiences had seen in TV animation up to that point. And just the fact that you can find this clip on its own on Youtube is a testament to its impact; for a moment that's over 50 years old, that really says a lot!
  • Linus wants to mail his letter to the Great Pumpkin, but he can't reach the mailbox and Lucy won't help him. So he uses his security blanket as a bullwhip to open it, tosses the letter away from it, and Lucy watches speechless as the wind picks it up, loops it multiple times, and then wafts it right into the slot.
  • The opening teaser, in which Linus and Lucy select a pumpkin from the patch and take it back to the house for carving. It's not only very funny, but does an absolutely superb job of capturing the color, mood and atmosphere of a Midwestern late October afternoon turning into dusk.