Trivia / It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

  • Channel Hop: From CBS to ABC in 2001.
  • Edited for Syndication: To allow for longer commercial breaks (and in recent years, to make room for Pixar's Toy Story of Terror!), ABC typically cuts a few scenes such as Lucy challenging Charlie Brown to kick the football and Schroeder playing the medley of WWI songs for Snoopy. The uncut version is aired at least once a year, though, alongside You're Not Elected Charlie Brown, which had previously only aired during election years.
  • Franchise Killer: Subverted. CBS warned the crew that if this special failed to generate ratings as high as those received for A Charlie Brown Christmas less than a year earlier, they would not commission any more Peanuts cartoons. It ultimately did so well, new Peanuts cartoons continued to air throughout the following decades, even after Charles Schulz's death.
    • The network literally said it had to be a "blockbuster". It ended up tying for the #1 most watched program of the week with Bonanza, which was a ratings GIANT for most of its run (including the year Great Pumpkin first aired).
  • Jossed: Charles Schulz stated he did not intend for the Great Pumpkin to have any underlying religious symbolism. He just thought it'd be funny for Linus to get Halloween customs mixed up with Christmas. This, of course, has not stopped some people from believing that such symbolism is there.
  • Long-Runners: It's only one special, but considering how many consecutive years it's aired on TV? It definitely counts.