Heartwarming / It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

  • Snoopy helping Charlie Brown rake the leaves, and their shared irritation with Linus when he ruins the leaf pile.
  • Charlie Brown narrating Snoopy's World War I Flying Ace narration, showing that he does show interest in his dog's fantasies occasionally.
  • Lucy getting up and going to retrieve Linus from the pumpkin patch.
    • Even better, she set an alarm to wake her up. She knew he'd be out there, and made sure she'd be up to get him out of the cold.
    • She also asks for extra candy so that he doesn't wind up completely empty-handed.
  • Charlie Brown ends up getting invited to the Halloween party, even though Lucy dismisses it as a fluke by saying that he was going to be snubbed to the "do not invite" list.
  • Somewhat of a Real Life example: After the special first aired, children from all over the world sent bags of candy to Charlie Brown out of sympathy.