Awesome / Guns N' Roses

  • Axl tells a tale to the audience during the band's 1988 show at the Ritz in New York. Cue Epic Riff.
    Axl: 'Bout five or six years ago, I hitchhiked here and ended up stuck out in the middle of this place. Climbed up out of the freeway, this little old black man comes up to me and my friend with our backpacks and about ten bucks between us, and he goes, "You know where you are? You in the jungle, baby! You gonna die!" That's a true story, that ain't no lie! So, welcome to the jungle, Ritz!
  • The band's 2012Hall of Fame induction. Axl and Izzy may not have showed (Myles Kennedy and Gilby Clarke filled in for them, respectively), but the event was still pretty epic nonetheless.
    • Even better if you've read Steven Adler's autobiography beforehand. Seeing him look so happy playing with his old band mates after having spent 1990 (the year he was booted from the band) to 2010 as a raging heroin addict is pretty cool.
  • After security refused to take action against a fan filming the show, Axl took matters into his own hands and dove off the stage into the crowd. The awesomeness was undone mere seconds later by the very uncool decision to abruptly cancel the show, but still, it takes balls to dive off a five-foot stage into a huge crowd of people.
  • Philadelphia, 1991. Axl stood up to some joker who had attacked the band's photographer and had him ejected as the audience cheered.