Fridge / Guns N' Roses

  • Fridge Brilliance: The first six songs on Appetite for Destruction relate to drugs, violence and city life. The last six relate to love, romance and women. In other words, one half is "guns", the other "roses". Continuing the trend, Use Your Illusion is split into two albums, one predominantly "guns" and the other predominantly "roses".
    • This pattern was somewhat present on G N'R Lies too. The first 4 tracks are "Reckless Life", "Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock N' Roll)", "Move To The City" and "Mama Kin", all played on electric instruments, with a typical hard-rock feel to them ("Guns"). The last 4 songs are "Patience", "Used To Love Her", "You're Crazy (Acoustic)" and "One In A Million"... All played mostly acoustically with a more typical "love song"-feel to them, except for "Used To Love Her" ("Roses"). It also serves as a bit of Foreshadowing: The first 4 songs are what they used to play: Hard rocking songs about living on the streets and getting into trouble. The last four are more romantic, which leads into the UYI albums, which were (by GNR-standards) very Ballad-Heavy. Fridge Brilliance at its finest!