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Awesome / Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

  • You know that giant saw-bladed monstrosity a picture of which has made the rounds on the internet? That's a coal mining machine. Perfectly reasonable for it to be in a quarry where arms dealers meet. Ghost Rider notices it has a cockpit... and awesomeness ensues. Made even more fearsome because actual bucketwheel excavators are glacially slow.
  • Moreau's Dying Moment of Awesome near the end of the second film. Blackout is disintegrating his body, but rather than panic or scream, he merely delivers a "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner and then headbutts Blackout so hard that his own head smashes apart. Blackout looks sufficiently stunned afterwards.
  • Carrigan tries to nuke Ghost Rider. TWICE. He even does so with a normal grenade launcher.
  • Wrapping the Devil himself in a chain and slamming him all the way through the Earth and straight into Hell.
  • The final battle between Ghost Rider and Blackout.
  • The improvement in how Ghost Rider looks and moves. His coat is bubbling while his movements flit about erratically when seen through electronics. He looks like something out of a horror movie.
  • The Rider rides out to meet Carrigan and his fully loaded army. As he lands, the thugs open fire on him which he is immune to. He languidly stands in one place for a moment, before speeding right in front of thug's face, who panics and empties his machine gun into Rider's face. They wait for a beat, before the Rider spits them back out on the thug, this time the bullets are on fire.
  • The thugs then bombards our hero with RP Gs. Carrigan even says ""I'm sorry, did that hurt?"" Then the camera shifts to the Rider spinning in the air from the explosion, then abruptly, he stops spinning in mid-air then roars at the camera. Ruleof Scary + Creepy Awesome = Hell Yeah
  • Carrigan averting Genre Blindness and ordering fire retardant explosives. Even with the Rider being weakened by Danny's presence, its still awesome that they slowed him down.
  • Carrigan after Ghost Rider has massacred his small army and tanked all of his weapons, and is Necklifting him.