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Awesome: First Encounter Assaultrecon
  • The Point Man's Crowning Moment of Awesome near the start where you use. Slo mo to avoid being killed by Alma at the beginning of the game. After that she makes no more serious attempts on his life and actually seems interested by him. In short, you impressed Alma freakin Wade!
  • Blowing a Replica soldier in half with the VK-12 shotgun. Up close. In slo-mo.
  • 50% of your arsenal qualifies.
    • The Particle gun burns enemies down to skeletons with one-shot, complete with the awesome weapon report.
    • "Watch out suckers,I've got a mini-gun!"
    • The melee attacks. Or, how-to-break-someone's-spine-with-a-single-kick.
    • Proximity mines. Instant-squad-kill plus the forshadowing beep of doom, just can't get enough of it.
  • The fight with Col. Vanek in Project Origin. Watch his expression turning from angst to utter horror, while throwing out Cluster F-Bomb, then subsequently get his head blown off is quite satisfying, given how much of a nuisance he and his ATC death squad has been to you up till this point.
  • Hearing Replicas, who are supposed to be ruthless supersoldiers, yelling out in fear at the sight of you.
  • A little more understated, but the moment you figure out in the first game that you can do jumping and sliding kicks that are instant kills against normal soldiers, not to mention the effect of knocking them across the room. Doing it in Slow-Mo on the last enemy in a squad is extremely satisfying.
    • There's a bit of delay allowed for jumping kicks, so you can hit first with the normal melee attack from your gun, then press the jump button and finish with a jumping spin kick.
    • This troper once emptied his pistols into a Replica squad, slow-mo jump kicked the survivor, plucked his rifle out of mid-air with the 'hold X to swap' while effectively surfing his corpse across a table and opened fire on reinforcements before even hitting the ground.
  • The last hallucination in the first game. Seeing Alma screaming for her child, Harlan Wade's callous disregard for his own daughter, and the camera panning down to show her last name on the file, followed by reappearing in the darkness, and hearing Alma whisper in your ear, "I know who you are." That scene, and the terribly haunting, sympathetic music playing at the same time, is just chilling.
  • During the final APC sequence at Still Island, where Becket is holding off the Replica forces, this music plays. It's a perfect counterpoint, and it's awesome.
  • That moment when a firefight finally ends, and if the settings are turned appropriately high, there will be an eerie silence as a haze of gunsmoke, shredded paper and concrete dust slowly settles out of the air.
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