Awesome / Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage

  • Most of the fight scenes have at least one, but the end of Rei's Dream Mode in the first game comes off as an honorably badass thing for him to do. By calling for Shew's help at the right time in the story, he ends up killing Raoh, Thouzer, and Juda, thus bringing peace to the wartorn land. However, he put the lives of many of his friends in danger, and Shew died because of his actions. Deciding that he can't put his friends in danger, he goes off to fight Raoh singlehandedly.
  • The second to last level in Jagi's dream mode has to count for something. Jagi makes it to Souther's arena and begins to think he really is as good as he always claimed to be, but his nerves get the better of him and he decides to run for it until Souther takes note of him and asks who Jagi is which pisses Jagi off enough to stay and fight. Not only does Jagi, the weakest of the Hokuto Brothers manage to defeat Souther, he beats him so badly Souther is actually SCARED as he tries to say Jagi's name! As an added bonus, Toki and Kenshiro actually acknowledge Jagi as a true practitioner of Hokuto Shinken.