Awesome / El gran juego de la oca

El gran juego de la oca by its very nature had many groundbreaking moments; some of its elements can still be seen today in competition reality programming all over the world as well as in other media (Mario Party comes to mind in particular). Here are some of the best ones:
  • Mene, the 74-year-old contestant who completed many of his challenges, won the game, and did just about as well on his return to the semifinals.
  • The 10th episode, in which Flequi got to give TWO haircuts. The first contestant's reaction to landing on him (really the way he acts throughout the whole thing) is legendary in itself.
  • One contestant was sent to recruit at least 15,000 people to dance a Sevillana in the Plaza de España. The event drew EIGHTY THOUSAND participants and was officially recognized on the first season finale as having set a Guinness world record.
  • Both the first and second seasons featured a Dance Party Ending during the season finale. In lieu of the normal weekly challenge involving just the Oquettes dancing, the entire cast also participated. The first season in particular featured the cast and crew - including the major characters not appearing in challenges that day, as well as everyone behind the scenes (producers, technical staff, makeup, cleanup crew, you name it) - dancing to a song written and performed by Emilio Aragón himself. At the very end of the episode, a free-for-all party scene erupted on set as the theme played repetitively, with the cast and crew dance being replayed as well. The second season went with a Blues Brothers routine.
  • Any time a contestant beat Maxtor.
  • One early second season episode featured a prueba wherein the young contestant's husband was brought onstage, with the catch being that every question out of five she got wrong resulted in her being Forced to Watch him get seduced by a voluptuous blonde woman. The husband's demeanor, one of complete indifference to the sexy woman throughout the contest, definitely qualifies.
  • In the third season, after going six episodes with no barber, Flequi was brought back in what would be the next-to-last episode. To increase the element of surprise, he was placed out of sight near the beginning of the board and came down to swoop the unsuspecting contestant up to his chair.