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Awesome: Ed Wood
  • Bela Lugosi's "I have no home" speech. Both instances of it.
  • Ed marching back to the studio after being inspired by Orson Welles to fight to make his films on his own terms. Even if it's Plan 9 from Outer Space he's making, seeing Wood tell off his Baptist funders and make the film his way, all while Howard Shore's music blares triumphantly, really makes you want to cheer after all the crap he's gone through.
  • Ed gets one early in the film. After Bela, in full Dracula costume, manages to scare off all but one kid who comes to his door trick-or-treating, the remaining kid tells Bela that he doesn't scare him, as he knows that the fangs are fake and he's not a real vampire. Ed comes to the rescue by pulling out his rather realistic teeth and giving the brat the scare of his life. Bela asks how he can do that, and Ed simply replies "Dentures. Lost my pearlies in the war."
  • Ed's supremely awesome mouthing of Criswell's narration (facial expressions and all) as Plan 9 plays on the screen—followed by his equally great Reality Subtext line:
    "This is the one! This is the one I'll be remembered for...."
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