Awesome / Drop the Dead Donkey

  • Ep 12, Season 2: George Dent's rebellious daughter has set fire to his office desk, only for George to discover (thanks to video evidence) that reporter Damien paid her 50 to do it. George walks into his office armed with a hammer to confront his daughter, who freely admits to the payment. At which point George, poor downtrodden, mild-mannered, "always backs down", "everyone walks all over him" George asks "Do you what to make another 50?" and, offering his daughter the hammer, tells her the location of Damien's Porsche.
  • There's also a later moment involving a toasting fork and the Birdie Song, where mild mannered George threatens Daniel Craig, no less, to perform the song, with actions, in revenge for forcing Deborah to steal for him.
  • Gus cracking and breaking into Sir Royston's manor, punching out several guards and delivering a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to his employer.
  • George goes to his ex wife's wedding, makes an insulting speech and pays a call girl to make a pass at the groom, resulting in the bride beating him up and ruining the wedding day.