Awesome / Dorkly Originals

  • Mario is Too Mainstream: Tim from Braid tries to act like he's so much better and more original than mainstream games like Mario and Zelda. Mario proceeds to utterly destroy every single point Tim makes about his game's originality. EX. Braid has time reversing abilities, Prince of Persia already did that. Braid has you collecting puzzle pieces? Banjo-Kazooie already did that too. The best part is how Mario wasn't even trying to debunk Tim's claims. If anything he was just making friendly conversation (it was Tim being all huffy and pretentious). He was just trying to point out that Braid was a good game that had familiar elements.
  • Link Finds Ganon's Weakness: Link distracting Ganon with his low heart beeps and instantly killing him.
  • Link Didn't Get Sword: Link actually managing to go through nine dungeons and countless enemies with nothing but a shield. note 
  • Mario & Luigi: Prank War: Luigi has suffered getting pranked by Mario and Toad not once, but twice. They try and prank him a third time, this time with the classic "Flaming Bag of Poop" prank... but he's caught on to their tricks by now, and he leaps through the roof in a Kuribo's Shoe, right on top of Mario, causing Toad to scamper:
    Luigi: Now tell me... Who. Am. I?
  • Mario Goes Berserk: It has to be seen to be believed.