Funny / Dorkly Originals

  • In "Final Fantasy Thief steals wallet", the party makes fun of the contents in Chaos's wallet to the point that Chaos runs away crying.
  • Dracula being a masochist in Castlevania S&M.
    Dracula: Okay, so the safety word is Alucard!
  • All the reactions in "The Pokemon Most Disappointed With Their Evolutions", especially Dugtrio.
    • This also launches a Running Gag about Shuckle trying to evolve. In the third one, he drinks a potion made of every evolution stone, and dies. His ghost thinks he evolved into a Ghost-type.
    • Also in the fourth one, Eevee gets triggered when it evolves into a Sylveon.
      Eevee: Wow, I can become nearly anything! The future is limitless for Eevee!
      Sylveon: WHAT IN THE LIVING SHIT, BRO?! I COULD'VE BEEN AN ELECTRIC FOX! BUT YOU TURNED ME INTO A PINK RIBBON DOG?! Great. Great. I'm the breast cancer dog now.
      • And then there's Remoraid becoming Octillery.
        Octillery: I must have done something terrible to deserve this.
    • And the fifth one...
      Probopass: Great. I look like Groucho Marx f---ed a bag of concrete.
      • Gardevoir complains it became a waifu. And a creepy Abra asks to smell its Poké Ball.
      • Caterpie and Weedle evolve into Metapod and Kakuna, then get abandoned in the PC Box. Metapod calls it "actual Hell".
      • "Speaking of actual hell..." It shows Shuckle in Hell. It thinks it's a new region, and the Devil is its new trainer.
  • "Robotnik Breaks Down" has Robotnik's Emerald Hill Zone mecha blow a tire. Robotnik has to repair it, complete with Plumber's Crack. He also confuses Tails for Sonic's girlfriend.
  • "Ahhh, the Mario Brothers...OH NO IT'S WOLVES"
  • Yoshi bites back in If Yoshi and Mario Switched Places. The most hilarious part is Mario's Oh, Crap! reaction when Yoshi makes him approach a tall cliff... and Yoshi's reaction when he survives the fall.
  • All of the segment on why Yoshi isn't allowed in the castle, including Yoshi finally getting a chance to go in Bowser's castle only to immediately poop inside.
    Mario: You want to be real? I hatched you like-a five minutes ago. You aren't even house trained yet! I'm the one who has to pay when you make a-Luigi on the carpet!
    Yoshi: Oh, well excuse me for-*pauses* A Luigi?
    Mario: You know, Number Two.
    Yoshi: Oh. Well excuse me for having to go to the bathroom every now and then after you make me eat a *bleep*ing sentient cactus!
    Mario: Oh, okay, now it's-a my fault for-a feeding you.
    Yoshi: No, it's your fault for being an idiot who can't keep his girlfriend safe for two seconds, you fat goombah. Goombah as the italian slur, not the little mushroom bad guy.
  • Bowser shows how useless Bullet Bills are compared to, say, a REAL gun.
  • All the cartoons with the video game characters meeting with their agent. One of the best is with Gex, whom the agent doesn't recognize and suggests he becomes a Pokémon.
  • The Worst Real Life Jobs To Have in the Pokemon Universe has a guy trying to do landscaping with a lawn mower and running into wild Pokemon, a fitness gym being attacked by a trainer, a guy walking his Entei, Raikou, and Suicune losing control when they growl at a Vulpix, and a team of indoor cyclists being told it isn't time to use that.
  • One of the scenarios in If Videogame Characters Could Break All the Rules is the Harvest Moon player character growing an entire field of marijuana.
    Buyer: So, is this all pot? ...I'll take it all!
  • In the video "Why Pokemon Shouldn't Visit Their Hometown", a Raichu is sent out against a horde of Pikachu around where it was originally caught, and they all taunt it about being trained now. Eventually he gets triggered, and Thunderbolts them all.
  • The Power-Up Mix-Up, Part 1
    • Watching Link beating Ganon up after he gets a Super Mushroom.
    • Mario gets a Power Pellet and eats a blue Bowser.
    • Bomberman gets an invincibility Star, and thinks he's tripping. He starts throwing up.
    • Sonic gets the Blue Shell. It flies off immediately, and suddenly the Death Egg comes crashing down.
      Sonic: Huh. Neat.
  • The Power-Up Mix-Up, Part 2
    • Mario in Super Mario World ends up with the Ocarina of Time, and time-warps to the original Super Mario Bros. Fire Flower Luigi burns him as a witch.
    • Samus Aran ends up with Castlevania Holy Water, which does nothing. A Metroid ends up eating her face.
    • One of the farmers in Harvest Moon gets the hammer from Donkey Kong, and has murdered all his livestock.
    • Red gets a crowbar, and beats up a Kangaskhan with it.
      The game: ...You Monster!
    • Duck Hunt gets a Tactical Nuke at a 25 streak, and immediately deploys it.
      Dog: What have you done?! (gets vaporized when it explodes)
    • In Sonic 2, Sonic catches Robotnik's Egg Walker from the Death Egg Zone in a Poké Ball.
      Sonic: Huh. Neat.
  • The Power-Up Mix-Up, Part 3
  • "What Happens When Videogames Mix Up Their Power-Ups" (Effectively Power-up Mix-up Part 4)
  • "If Pokémon Met Their Alola Forms, Part 1:"
    • Alolan Dugtrio tells regular Dugtrio they robbed a wig store.
    • While Kanto Exeggutor has some envy for Alolan Exeggutor, the latter doesn't like that food takes an hour to reach its stomach when eaten, and one of its heads is on its tail, too close for comfort to its ass.
    • Alolan Meowth seduces regular Meowth, who wagers it evolved into something "even more elegant".note 
    • Alolan Raichu and Mimikyu have a pity party about how Pikachu is so much more popular. Kanto Raichu just does a facepalm, obviously having already accepted this fate.
  • "If Pokémon Met Their Alola Forms, Part 2:"
  • Then there's "The Best Part of Sonic Games is the Music", where Sonic decides to jam to the music of Flying Battery Zone instead of actually attack it. Tails and Robotnik try to get him to advance, but eventually they agree. Michael Jackson's influence on Sonic 3 is mentioned.note 
    • Eventually, Robotnik opens a club, pumping out Sonic 3's soundtrack. Knuckles is the bouncer, with Shadow, Metal Sonic, and one of Dorkly's previous fan-made characters waiting outside.
      Sonic: I'm gonna go do a line of rings in the bathroom! You want in?!
      Tails: Hell yeah! F**k Green Hill Zone!
      • And Eggman has a sign over his DJ booth that says "DJ Big Dog".
  • "If Videogames Were 11% More Realistic"
  • Ash Gets a Digimon, especially the part where Ash says, "This is worse than when you got me Beyblade instead of Bakugan!", to which his mom says, "Oh now you're just saying silly words".