Funny / Dorkly Originals

  • In "Final Fantasy Thief steals wallet", the party makes fun of the contents in Chaos's wallet to the point that Chaos runs away crying.
  • Dracula being a masochist in Castlevania S&M.
    Dracula: Okay, so the safety word is Alucard!
  • All the reactions in "The Pokemon Most Disappointed With Their Evolutions", especially Dugtrio.
  • "Ahhh, the Mario Brothers...OH NO IT'S WOLVES"
  • From the "Power-Up Mix Up" video, watching Link beating Ganon up after he gets a Super Mushroom.
  • Yoshi bites back in If Yoshi and Mario Switched Places. The most hilarious part is Mario's Oh, Crap! reaction when Yoshi makes him approach a tall cliff... and Yoshi's reaction when he survives the fall.
  • All of the segment on why Yoshi isn't allowed in the castle, including Yoshi finally getting a chance to go in Bowser's castle only to immediately poop inside.
    Mario: You want to be real? I hatched you like-a five minutes ago. You aren't even house trained yet! I'm the one who has to pay when you make a-Luigi on the carpet!
    Yoshi: Oh, well excuse me for-*pauses* A Luigi?
    Mario: You know, Number Two.
    Yoshi: Oh. Well excuse me for having to go to the bathroom every now and then after you make me eat a *bleep*ing sentient cactus!
    Mario: Oh, okay, now it's-a my fault for-a feeding you.
    Yoshi: No, it's your fault for being an idiot who can't keep his girlfriend safe for two seconds, you fat goombah. Goombah as the italian slur, not the little mushroom bad guy.
  • Bowser shows how useless Bullet Bills are compared to, say, a REAL gun.
  • All the cartoons with the video game characters meeting with their agent. One of the best is with Gex, whom the agent doesn't recognize and suggests he becomes a Pokémon.
  • The Worst Real Life Jobs To Have in the Pokemon Universe has a guy trying to do landscaping with a lawn mower and running into wild Pokemon, a fitness gym being attacked by a trainer, a guy walking his Entei, Raikou, and Suicune losing control when they growl at a Vulpix, and a team of indoor cyclists being told it isn't time to use that.