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Awesome: Donkey Kong Country


  • Donkey Kong busting loose from his bonds to deliver the final uppercut to K. Rool in Donkey Kong Country 2.
  • Complete Snow Barrel Blast's final Barrel Cannon segment in DKC 1 with no mistakes and a 3-up balloon will be waiting for you.
  • Get 102% in Diddy's Kong Quest and you get the pleasure of watching Crocodile Isle explode and sink in what may be the Super Nintendo's most beautifully rendered cutscene ever.
  • Freeing the Queen Banana Bird in DKC 3 will have her drop an enormous egg on K. Rool.
  • The sequels clever Take That to their competitors of the day, including a pair of vividly colored shoes and a ray gun being lumped near a trash can with a nearby sign saying "No Hopers". And since this was around the time Sega was about to go into a steep decline, the timing of this gag couldn't have been more on the mark.
  • Speaking of rival companies, the original games commercial and Nintendo Power promo VHS giving Sega a verbal smack down is an unforgettable meta moment of awesome; after years of Sega keeping Nintendo on the ropes, be it with their cutting edge Sega Genesis library and their infamous in-your-face ad campaigns, when Sega brought themselves down with their failing CD and 32X add ons, Nintendo took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity and proceeded to give their rival a well earned taste of their own medicine by championing this games groundbreaking cgi, pointing out that not only did it NOT need a superfluous add on for its cutting edge graphics, it was also only available on their "inferior" rival console! And to hammer it home, Sega, normally known for being one step ahead of Nintendo in being cutting edge, ended up being forced to ape Nintendo's beloved game with the Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Blast and Vectorman games, which, despite being well liked to ok hits, never saw a speck of DKC's success.
  • Also of note is the sub series Donkey Kong Land (and the GBC port of the first game) which not only proved that the little gray brick could handle the jaw dropping cgi of the original game in 8 bit form, but silenced critics who said the original game was only liked because of its fancy graphics, bringing all the fun of the console game on the go!

Animated Series

  • Leo Luster, Bluster Kong's alternate persona for one episode, was a walking embodiment of awesome.
  • Towards the end of "The Day The Island Stood Still," Diddy manages to beat up both Klump and Krusha. K. Rool's stunned expression said it all.

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