Awesome / Dogma

  • Metatron's Walk on Water scene
  • Metatron as part of Bartleby's Oh, Crap! moment.
    Metatron: Was Wisconsin really that bad?
  • Azrael's big Motive Rant, in a deleted scene:
    Azrael: Human, have you ever been to hell? I think not. Did you know that once hell was nothing more than the absence of God? And if you've ever been in His presence, you'd realize that's punishment enough. But then your kind came along...and made it so much worse.
    Bethany: Humans aren't capable of one-hundredth of the evil a shit-bag demon like you is. (spits in Azrael's face)
    Azrael: Evil... is an ABSTRACT! It's a HUMAN. CONSTRUCT.
    Azrael: But, true to his irresponsible nature, man won't own up to being its engineer, so he blames his dark deeds on MY ilk. But it's not enough to shadow his own existence, no! He turned Hell into a suffering pit! Why? Because it is beyond your abilities to simply make personal recompense for the sins you commit! No, you choose, rather, to create a psycho-drama, and dwell in a foundless belief that (whiny tone) "God could never forgive your grievous offenses"! (normally) So you bring your guilt and your inner decay with you to Hell, where the hoarded imaginations of so many gluttons for punishment gave birth to the sickness that has infected the Abyss since the first one of your kind arrived there, begging to be punished! And in doing so, they have transformed the cold and solitude into pain and misery! I've spent eons, privy to the flames, inhaling the decay, hearing the wail of the damned! I KNOW WHAT EFFECT SUCH HORRORS HAVE ON THE DELICATE PSYCHE OF AN ANGELIC BEING!
    (long, poignant pause)
    Azrael: I'd rather not exist than go back to that. And if everyone else has to go down with me, so be it.
  • Jay being kissed by God.
  • Silent Bob gets a free shot at Azrael with a golf club that belonged to Cardinal Glick, and carried his blessing. Everyone expects nothing to come of it. The shot caves in Azrael's torso, leaving a mess of black bile in its place.
    Azrael: But... I'm a fucking demon... (dies)
    • Could also be considered a CMOA for Serendipity since she masterminded the plan and inspired Bob to grab the golf club. She figured that Glick would have blessed his clubs for a better game and predicted that Azrael would be cocky enough to give Bob a free shot.
  • No mention of the boardroom scene? Bartleby and Loki completely terrifying and demoralizing everyone in the room before any violence even starts is pretty damn amazing.
  • Jay and Silent Bob saving Bethany from the Stygian triplets.
  • Behind-the-scenes example, shared on An Evening With Kevin Smith: Before the shoot, Kevin Smith told Jason Mewes there was a higher level of professionalism expected out of him now that they were working with more seasoned actors like Alan Rickman (Jason: "Who's Alan Rickman?" Kev: "The guy from Die Hard." Jason: "Bruce Willis?"). To Kevin's surprise, Jason showed up for production prepared with not only his own dialogue memorized, but the entire script. Kevin even tested him out with random scenes and Mewes knew it all by heart. When Kev asked why Jason went through the trouble, he responded "I didn't want that Rickman guy mad at me!"
    • In a tribute podcast following the latter's passing, Smith notes that he frequently saw Mewes and Rickman getting on like a house on fire off-camera.
  • Not sure if this should go under here or Funny, but Metatron's reaction to God's explosive outburst (he just puts a hand to his ear like he got a bit of tinnitius) is...just perfect.
    • Not only that, but his eyes twitch ever so slighty. Making it even better.