Awesome / Dog Soldiers

  • Dog Soldiers was a movie about werewolves vs. soldiers, and thus full of these. But two moments stand out in particular. When Megan is revealed to be The Mole, begins wolfing out and is promptly shot right in the eye without a second thought, and when Spoon is stuck downstairs, a werewolf has arrived and he has no ammunition left... So he goes on a berserker rampage anyway, and beats up a huge fucking werewolf using nothing but his fists and kitchen utensils and only loses when another Werewolf turns up and blindsides him. Even when they've got him pinned against a wall, he stares the wolf straight in the eyes, spits on its face, and tells it "I hope I give ya the shits, you fucking wimp.". So. Incredibly. Badass.
    • That fight starts off awesome as well. He kicks the werewolf in the face so hard that one of its fangs is knocked out and imbeds itself in a wall.
    • The fandom generally agrees that if the second werewolf hadn't showed up, Spoon would have won there. Should give an indication on how badass a fight he put when he had nothing put dishes, utensils and his fists.
  • Anytime Spoon or Sarge does anything ever. Also, the last 5 minutes.
    • "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!" to a freakin' werewolf. Win.
    • Not just one werewolf. The entire pack of them.
  • Joe hotwires a Jeep and suddenly has hot breath misting itself over his shoulder. "You're right behind me, aren't you?" he asks. Instead of the usual, 'turn around slowly, look horrified, then get eaten' trope, he slowly draws his knife, then whirls in his seat and howls, "I'm gonna fuckin' have you!" as he dives into the back seat. That's how you go out in a horror movie, friends.