Awesome / Dan Vs.

  • The dynamic duo (not that one) are chasing down the wolf man with their car. They fail so Dan decides to hunt the thing down with a bow and arrow.
    • An arrow that Dan himself made. It looks surprisingly professional.
      • And the BOW he stole from an ancient "Indian" burial ground... that was haunted.
  • Dan and Elise both getting revenge on the state of New Mexico, by hijacking a UFO and blasting it to pieces.
  • The way Dan gets the better of the guy that stole his identity - lulling the imposter into a false sense of security before getting him arrested for something Dan himself did. Manipulative Bastard doesn't even begin to describe the way Dan conducts himself.
  • Crunchy owning that killer in "The Family camping trip". And later on, Dan, Chris, and the bear.
  • Chris gets his in "The Monster Under the Bed", engaging in a convoluted plot to trick Dan into believing in a monster under his bed, believing it to be a demon Dan accidentally summoned, then doing a bunch of favors for Chris under the guise of banishing the creature, all leading up to Dan making a fool out of himself in the middle of nowhere... just so Chris and Elise could have a vacation. Even Elise was impressed.
  • Chris gets another one when he loses his temper in "The Telemarketer".
    Chris: You do not ask me to make cocoa in the middle of the night and then leave before it's ready!
    Dan: But -
    Chris: SIT DOWN!
    • Followed up by Dan admitting that the cocoa is very good.
    • In the same episode: Impostor Dan knows Dan so well that he consistently manages to predict the exact moment at which Dan will break each of the phones the Impostor uses to call him and switch numbers accordingly. He also managed to predict the exact position Chris would be in just after Dan broke into his (fake) apartment.
  • Dan manages to win an obstacle course with such obstacles as reading and summarizing an entire book and (partially) balancing the budget of Paraguay. His opponent had such obstacles as opening a jar of Mayo, crushing a spider, and doing ten pushups. Yes, Dan managed to win this.
  • The fight between Dan and Chris.
  • Imposter Dan's plan in "The Telemarketer".
  • Dan beats the Devil itself back into hell in "The Boss".
    • That's a devil. They never say it outright, but it's pretty well implied she(?) was part of a larger lowerarchy.
  • It was a long time coming, but Dan and Elise finally fight in "The Mechanic". And they do so with giant robots. What's even better is the way Dan defeats Elise's superior robot and piloting skills. First he throws a fire extinguisher at Elise, temporarily blocking her view. Then he pummels her robot with his robot's own torn off arm.
    • Even more awesome, Dan got first blood. Elise seemed so stunned at his aggressive opening attack, it almost looked like she wasn't going to fight back!
  • In the episode that shows how Dan and Chris first met at summer camp, Dan managed to encourage the bullied kids to rise up against the bigger and tougher kids their Jerkass counselor supported, as well as the counselor himself, AND SUCCEEDED!
  • Pretty much anytime Dan takes vengeance on a abstract concept, despite not being humanly possible, and getting his revenge anyway.
  • In "The Bank", Dan gets so angry at the bank's ridiculous ATM fees that he manages to crack bulletproof glass with his face.