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Headscratchers: Dan Vs.
  • What DID happen to Mr. Mumbles at the end of "Dancing"? Some people may be sick of hearing that, but there's seriously no explanation. Did Elise hear Chris and go up and feed her off screen during the week's time? Chris did mention that Elise likes Mr. Mumbles. But she really wasn't paying attention at that point.
    • I think he blew up the dance theater. That's why it cuts to it being blown up after they mention that.
  • What is this show's target audience? It seems a bit too adult for kids, but also not adult enough for adults.
    • I always guessed it was for older kids and/or teenagers.
      • Temp jobs, car troubles, the DMV, jury duty, school reunions, in-laws... trust me, it's plenty funny for adults.
      • It's a show with the language and subject matter of adults, that's about as mature as Dan and Chris are.
      • It's for people old enough to like dark comedy and to think a show doesn't need profanities and blatant sex jokes to be funny.
  • What did someone like Elise see in Chris?
    • It could be that she thought he was a generally okay guy and more importantly, he was dumb enough not to figure out about her job as a secret agent. That way her secret is safe and she can have a husband.
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