Awesome / Daimos

  • Some vintage CMOA here : Daimos' first battle. Yes, the hero cuts its opponents in two by karate chopping them.
  • Another scene in episode 7 had Daimos defeat a monstruously giant robot (much, MUCH taller than itself) by diving head first in its unique eye. But as we think it's over, a second robot forms itself with the rests of the first one.
  • In episode 8, Kazuya's robot was chained as a Mecha Burst was beating the crap out of it. Then Kazuya heard Erika's voice encouraging him and he went nuts, shattering the chains and delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • And in the same episode, Margaret holding an enraged Richter back and stopping his attempts to run his sword through Erika until he got his senses back. Notice that Margaret is Richter's servant and a gentle woman without fighting skills, so he could perfectly have her executed or even kill her himself. She still stops him from killing Erika. Yes!
  • Kazuya finally beating the crap out of Miwa after he started having Brahmins executed for no reason.
  • In one episode, a group of Brahmins led by Erika is migrating through a snowy mountain range. They are flying through a gorge during a blizzard when a snowslide descends down towards them. Erika screams, and Kazuya -who was fighting a Battle Robot in the vicinity- somehow hears her, steps in the gorge and blocks the snowslide with Daimos' body, protecting the Brahmin as they were crossing the pass, and he does *not* move, even though that Battle Robot was blasting him with missiles, until all of them had passed. And then he spins around and proceed to kick the crap of Humongous Mecha attacking him! Watching that scene -with the forty-five-meter-tall robot filling the ravine, hugging the mountain slope and blocking the snowslide like a massive wall-, you realize how impressive and huge a Humongous Mecha would seem in real life.
  • Erika's 'marriage' with Olban. After making up convincing scenes about shooting Kazuya with a real bullet, betraying him and breaking his heart, so we came to her marriage with Olban. The priest asks if she'd take the vow... and like planned all along, she refuses and tried to stab Olban with a knife. The guards restrained her, but even that didn't stop Erika to tell Olban right in the face that she will NEVER accept Olban as her King.
    • Even better, the priest suddenly vouches for Erika as a true Brahmin. He flings his robe and reveals himself to be Richter! Finally after bickering a lot about Erika's love life, the siblings finally found one common cause to fight together!