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Awesome: Combattler V
  • The first usage of the Super EM Yo-Yo was pretty awesome, being almost the definition of Awesome Yet Practical, being an almost perfect offensive and defensive weapon against the MOTW, as the monster robot's corrosive liquid just slides off of the weapon's metal surfaces.
  • In an episode, Prince Garuda blew Hyoma's arms off. Garuda thought he would never need to get worried about Hyoma again. WRONG. Despite being hurt and unable move his arms, Hyoma tried crawling over to his ship, begging that he be allowed to pilot. Prof. Yotsuya finally relented, and outfitted him with a neural interface system to pilot Combattler V through mental commands. Then, despite it all, Hyoma took off and beat the crap out of the latest Slave Beast.
  • General Dungele's last stand. To elaborate: Once Empress Janera got fed up with Dungele's repeated failures, she activated the time bomb placed inside his helmet and gave him one last chance to defeat Combattler V, lest it blows up and kills him. Dungele proceeds to use the latest Magma Beast and go fight Combattler V. Upon its inevitable destruction, he tries a last-ditch kamikaze attack with its head. When that fails, he uses an escape pod and challenges Hyoma to a one-on-one duel after landing. Despite briefly putting Hyoma on the ropes, he ends up losing and his body gets blown up. While certainly not a good man, he truly valued a fair fight and lasted to the bitter end.
  • Combattler's fight with the group of Golgos.
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