Awesome / Cloverfield

  • While Cloverfield is about people who aren't super heroic, it manages quite a few of these, not the least of which is Rob getting a dog-sized insect-like creature away from his sister-in-law by running up and kicking it in the face.
    • Marlena smacking the hell out of another parasite with a pipe.
  • The scene where they look upon Clover destroying the city and the military feebly fighting back in the helicopter.
    • Clover itself needs a mention. There is nothing suggesting that the creature has any supernatural qualities going on (well, beyond the fact that it is a giant monster, of course), so even for something of that size, Clovie managed to take like a champ a HUGE amount of firepower. In the bombing scene, we see a B2 unloading what arguably was its entire payload of eighty MK2 500 pound bombs, and the creature managed to walk out of that alive.
  • DVD supplemental materials say that Hud received a posthumous Medal of Valor for his video.
  • Some Fridge Awesome for the military and rescue services, considering how thoroughly Manhattan appears to have been evacuated by the film's end. The more so, given the unprecedented nature and scale of the threat, and the early demolition of one of the city's major evacuation routes.
  • The first teaser trailer. No big-name stars. It's just some found footage from a totally random party. It doesn't show the monster. It doesn't even show the title. And yet, it is incredibly creepy and it grabs your attention instantly. That's one of the most awesome uses of marketing ever.