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Funny: Cloverfield
  • Flaming hobos.
    Hud: I just can't stop thinking about how scary it would be if a flaming homeless guy came out of the dark right now.
  • Not in the film itself, but the various "Cloverfield Monster Revealed!" videos that appeared on Youtube, "revealing" it to be Stay-Puft, The Burger King and Crab People, among other things...
  • When they're in the electronic store, guess what's on one of the TVs? Sponge Bob Square Pants, of course! CURSE THAT YELLOW SPONGE!!!
    Rifftrax: "This just in: Sandy Cheeks is dead."
  • These exchanges:
    Beth: (seeing the monster for the first time) What is that?!
    Hud: A...terrible thing.
    Beth: (slightly later, when one of the parasites attacks) What was that?!
    Hud: I don't know! Something else! Also terrible!
  • "One of us is gonna have to tackle you, and that's gonna be VERY uncomfortable for everyone involved!"
  • A meta example occurred during the making of the initial trailer. The movie makers didn't want viewers to be confused as to what sort of movie it was, so they intentionally put in a line that said "I SAW IT, IT'S ALIVE, IT'S HUGE!". Then they released the trailer, and were comically depressed when they heard people were claiming to hear "I SAW IT, IT'S A LION, IT'S HUGE!"
  • Hud's Male Gaze moment when he's supposed to be filming Lily saying goodbye, but starts focusing the camera on Marlena instead.
  • Members of the cast and crew do their own take on the line "Rack 'em and pack 'em! We're phantoms in 15!" Large Ham is in full effect.

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