Tear Jerker: Cloverfield

  • Jason's death, as well as Rob having to call his mom to tell her the news.
  • Hud's reaction to Marlena's death. Especially with him freaking out off-camera. Rob worries he might not be able to continue with them, but Hud tries to pull himself together.
  • The adagio towards the end of "Roar!", the music that plays over the end credits, which would have played under the scene were Marlena dies had the movie had a regular music score.
  • Think of everything from Clovie's point of view; it's a baby, it's lost, it's terrified, it's infested with painful parasites and it misses its mother. And to top it all off, a bunch of small creatures are trying to kill it. No wonder it was rampaging New York!