Trivia: Cloverfield

  • Executive Meddling: Averted, and not. The relatively low budget of the film allowed the filmmakers to keep the nondescript title and Downer Ending (see above) despite concerns from Paramount, but executives maintained that the film be PG-13 instead of the R rating the creators wanted. When the filmmakers planned a single use of the word "fuck" (as allowed in a PG-13 film) an Executive Veto was made against it, on the grounds that the MPAA descriptor warning about even a little coarse language would stop some parents from the mid-western U.S. from bringing their kids.
  • Fan Nickname: Clover, for the monster.
  • Lying Creator: Actually, the ARG generally answers very little about the movie, but replaces general questions with more in-depth ones.
  • Viral Marketing: The Slusho website, a masterpiece of deliberate "Blind Idiot" Translation.
  • What Could Have Been: A lot of scenes and aspects concerning the monster had to be cut in the final version or left out. One such scene showed the monster using some sort of "feeding tube" to violently devour fleeing people in what probably would have been the most horrific scene in the movie.
    • One of the alternate endings included on the DVD hint that Rob and Beth (or at least Beth) survived the Hammerdown bombing.
    • Greyshot was a proposed title to the film, named after the grey lines that show up when reel video is paused and the Greyshot Arch that the surviving characters hide under at the end of the film.