Awesome / Bo Burnham

  • Look how he deals with hecklers!
    Bo: Let me guess, Gary. You saw Wolverine: Origins like three times, didn't you?
  • Bo's appearance on Parks and Recreation as country star Chipp McCapp.
    • It doesn't stop there, he also sings a song called "Beautiful Like My Mom (Support the Troops)", which may be the single most American song of all time.
  • "Repeat Stuff". Just listen to the song and interpret the lyrics, and you'll either be ashamed to admit that what Bo's saying is very much true, or very impressed with just how devastatingly on-target he is.
    "We know it's not right, we know it's not funny, but we'll stop beating this dead horse when it stops spitting out money!"
  • One time at a live performance of "I'm Bo Yo", Bo just practically said "fuck it" and started doing an improvised freestyle, splicing together different lines from different songs in a rapid-fire style. It is awesome.
  • "We Think We Know You" needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Bo hits invisible buttons onstage that correspond to authority figures lecturing him, turning it into a song at the end. It is easily Bo's greatest Crowning Moment of Awesome so far.
  • "Can't Handle This" from Make Happy. Bo + autotune microphone = comic bliss.
    • Not just for the comedy, but this song provides some serious insight into Bo's inner struggle with trying to stay true to himself and his art form while also wanting to give the people what they want from a good night out to see some comedy. After the "what." tour he started to have serious problems with anxiety, so he wrote this song as a way to get his thoughts onto paper and in a form where he could accurately convey it to an audience. And the response? Near universal acclaim for what could've been a serious Audience-Alienating Premise for a comedy show, even one as unconventional as Bos.
  • A bit from "From God's Perspective": "You shouldn't abstain from rape just 'cause you think I want you to. You shouldn't rape because rape is a fucked-up thing to do. ...Pretty obvious, just don't fuckin' rape people. (Beat.) Didn't think I'd have to write that one down for ya."
  • His "Kill Yourself" song from Make Happy isn't as blindly offensive as you'd think judging by the title; it talks about how people's insecurities should be addressed by professionals and not pop stars (he brings up examples of Sara Bareilles' "Brave" and Katy Perry's "Roar").
  • This isn't specifically Bo, but the lighting design in 'Make Happy' are AMAZING for the tones the show takes.