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Funny: Bo Burnham
You're bound to get at least one out of his many songs. Expect him to use Vulgar Humor.
  • "New Math." "This is a song that takes something that's not usually funny, math, and makes it... offensive."
    "Squaring numbers is just like women / If they're under 13 just do them in your head....."
  • From "My Whole Family (Thinks I'm Gay)":
    "Maybe it's because of the way that I walk / They all think that I like...boys."
  • From the video for "Oh Bo" a hot girl plays with whipped cream seductively while he holds up a sign in the back saying "YAY FEMINISM!"
    • And since it's a rap song, there's plenty of lines like this:
    I'll have you going down like you've grown an extra chromosome!
  • From "We Think We Know You": "I AM SATAN, LORD OF DARKNESS."
    • The song itself is a CMOA.
  • During the Youtube version of what., he tells a joke about video editors, only to have it cut to the next one mid-joke.
  • Pretty much every Vine he's ever made.
  • "I put a chameleon on a red dildo. It blushed."
  • The video for "Repeat Stuff". Yes, there's loads of content that should be classified as Nightmare Fuel, but the way that it's executed and the purpose that it has in the video just makes it come off as very amusing.
  • The part in "Sad" where Bo says he saw a poster for a lost dog that didn't have any legs. It seems terrible, but then you realize there is no way that dog ran away and its owners are just incredibly oblivious.

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