Awesome / Archie's Weird Mysteries

  • In Reggie or Not, Reggie defeats a robot counterpart by being nice. He tells the robot that if the robot was the nicer Reggie, he'd let Reggie go and he did!
  • In Mega-Mall of Horrors, Jughead stands up to the mall owner after having one of Pop's last burgers and is able to distract him long enough for Archie to free the captured teenagers inside.
  • Me! Me! Me! has Veronica going through an Indiana Jones-like maze to get back to a wishing idol to reverse her wish.
  • In Dance of the Killer Bees, Big Ethel subdues the queen bee and thus becomes the new queen. Her first order of business? Send the bees back to where they came from and never show their faces again.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome The theme song.
  • In Cine-Madness, Reggie unleashes a Big Brother Instinct after he sees his little cousin in danger. He even takes on TROLLS to protect her!