Funny / Archie's Weird Mysteries

  • In Zombies of Love, Veronica is on the run from the entire town of Riverdale after accidentally making them all fall in love with her. Partway through, Betty shows up and gives Veronica a sweater she's always wanted. Veronica is legitimately distracted by this act, and it isn't until she sees the horde coming after that she remembers how dire her situation is.
  • In Dance of the Killer Bees, after agreeing to help Ethel find out where the nectar in her sunflowers went, Archie asks Jughead if he's seen "any angry bees lately" while Mr. Weatherbee happens to be nearby.
    Jughead: You mean aside from the bee?
    Mr. Weatherbee: I heard that!
  • In Driven to Distraction, Dr. Bomont tries his best to dissuade Archie from spending his money for his date with Veronica on fuzzy dice for his car, and getting more and more blatant about it every second until he has to face the audience and note how he hates how they "have to do things the hard way".