Heartwarming / Archie's Weird Mysteries

  • In Cine-Madness Reggie states how he has a niece named Amy at a Kindergarten. Later, after unleashing movie monsters into the real world, he stops some trolls from harming the children, hugs his cousin and promises that everything will be alright.
  • Something is Haunting Riverdale High gives one to Archie. After spending time in between dimensions with Dilton, Ethel, and Midge, he decides to spend more time with them.
  • In "Attack of the 50ft Veronica" Jughead of all people was able to stop Veronica from rampaging by helping her find a way to reshrink herself. In the end she dressed up as Jughead to show her appreciation.
  • "A Haunting in Riverdale" gives one to Jughead. He and the former head librarian make peace, thus her spirit moves on into the next life. Their exchange melts this troper's heart, but the real gem?
    Jughead: "Is it possible to miss someone you never got a chance to know?"
    Betty: "You can know her from her book."
    • And he does. Her book become his favorite book to read. Aww...
  • In "Big Monster on Campus", Moose befriends his wrestling rival who's a robot and offers him a job at his father's mechanics job. What makes it heartwarming is that this is after Moose lost a match to him and he felt useless for some time before he regained his confidence and won the match even after he went through hell and back with the school. Moose really does have a big heart.
  • Dance of the Killer Bees ends with Ethel getting a dance with Jughead. Can be seen as a Pet the Dog moment, considering how little success she gets with Jughead in the comics.