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Awesome: Anno Dracula
  • Beauregard presenting his gift to the Royal Couple at the climax of Anno Dracula: Jack Seward's silver knife, which Queen Victoria uses to end her life and her horrific captivity.
    It is a gift. But not for you. For my Queen.
  • A group of human dissidents rescue several young religious girls from a Carpathian (one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in Britain), who intends to take them back to his barracks to share them in an 'orgy'. With a flair for the dramatic, they slice open his chest, then plant lit dynamite within before his wound heals over.
  • In "The Bloody Red Baron", the vampire Ball, already horrifically mutilated and burnt to the extent his flying uniform is fused to his flesh, is captured by vampires and tied in a crucifix position. Using his new crooked stance to maneuver himself, he gnaws off his own hand, then stakes one of his awoken captors with his own arm bone.
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