Awesome / Anno Dracula

  • Beauregard presenting his gift to the Royal Couple at the climax of Anno Dracula: Jack Seward's silver knife, which Queen Victoria uses to end her life and her horrific captivity.
    It is a gift. But not for you. For my Queen.
  • A group of human dissidents rescue several young religious girls from a Carpathian (one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in Britain), who intends to take them back to his barracks to share them in an 'orgy'. With a flair for the dramatic, they slice open his chest, then plant lit dynamite within before his wound heals over.
  • In "The Bloody Red Baron", the vampire Ball, already horrifically mutilated and burnt to the extent his flying uniform is fused to his flesh, is captured by vampires and tied in a crucifix position. Using his new crooked stance to maneuver himself, he gnaws off his own hand, then stakes one of his awoken captors with his own arm bone.
  • The first time the mutant vampire man-bats of Jagdgeschwader 1 fight Allied Condor Squad, its a total rout and the Allies are crushed. However, they remain brave to the end, and Biggles gets thrown from his plane after shooting a man-bat in the face with his flaregun. The text even mentions how unflappable he is, seemingly about to die. Despite falling, he somehow survives and makes his way back to the Allied lines by the end of the war.