YMMV / Anno Dracula

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Dr Seward paints a rather unflattering image of Lucy Westenra in his nostalgic phonograph diary. He portrays her as a capricious and foolish girl, who felt only a shallow love for Arthur Holmwood, and only pity for him and Quincey Morris. He also thinks she exaggerated the proposal stories to lord her attractiveness over Mina, gloating about her better suitors. She also apparently willingly had sex with Dracula, while Holmwood himself was a lech even when alive. Seward additionally believes that he and the Professor might have killed Lucy by giving her non-compatible blood.
    • Van Helsing has also since the events of the book been stamped as a superstitious fool for believing in the power of crucifixes and holy wafers, and royal propaganda has painted him as the "second Judas", a murderer and traitor.
  • Crazy Awesome: A book series that features vampire Edgar Poe and vampire Winston Churchill would have to be this. Most noticeable in The Bloody Red Baron, which features vampire flying aces who turn into giant bats with biplane wings.
  • Genius Bonus: You need an encyclopedia to catch all the historical references and literary in-jokes.