Awesome / Amadeus

  • Mozart may be an annoying, rude, mischievous, brat of a Manchild, but that doesn't overshadow his genius. He was able to repeat and improve Salieri's welcome march by ear mere minutes after hearing it (and hearing it performed badly, at that). He manages to convince Emperor Joesph to let him perform The Marriage of Figaro. When his dad dies, what does he do to show his grief? Creates the world's first darkest opera in the form of Don Giovanni. Last but not least he was determined to play through The Magic Flute until he passes out.
    • Not only that but as impulsive and carefree and immature he was, he took his work very seriously.
  • As wicked as it was, Salieri's scheme was brilliant.
  • The film itself was nominated for eleven Academy Awards (and six Golden Globes) and won eight (and four, respectively). F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce were both nominated for 'Best Actor' (with Abraham winning); while it's not the only film to have accomplished this, it remains the most recent, with no other film in the more than thirty years since its release accomplishing it again.
  • The Confutatis composition scene. In order to get the impression did not understand Mozart's genius, Tom Hulce deliberately began skipping lines in order to confuse F. Murray Abraham. And Abraham played right along with it, giving us the scene we know today.