Fridge / Amadeus

  • Fridge Brilliance: It always bugged me how annoying and unprofesional Amadeus was, and how inaccurate the film was. But, since Salieri is crazy, he probably has a bad memory.
    • A question from this troper (who is studying music in school): If you're referring to Mozart as Amadeus, it's widely accepted that he was in fact like that in real life. He was notorious for have awful manners, a toilet bowl sense of humor, a very annoying laugh, etc. The film is incredibly accurate in that respect.
      • For instance, he wrote a little part-song called Lech Mir im Arsch. Wanna guess how that one goes?
    • There's also the film's portrayal of Salieri's musical talents (or seeming lack thereof). The real Salieri was an exceptional composer that went on to become Beethoven's teacher. But since Film!Salieri feels so inadequate compared to Mozart, he is, perhaps unknowingly, underplaying his own genius.