Awesome / Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

  • During the peak of the battle over Miami, "Fighter", the instrumental version of Gotta Stay Fly begins playing. The President gives a Rousing Speech, assuring the American people that everything is being done to stop Markov's forces from using Trinity while also wishing Bishop and the rest of the pilots victory.
    "This is President David Hamilton. As I speak, our nation is under attack by a group of renegade Russian pilots. They intend to kill our innocent civilians with a powerful air-launched weapon. I have personally directed the Air Force and other military branches to intercept these criminals. They have orders to shoot them all down before they harm our country. This is a dark and difficult day, but in the end we will persevere. To the brave men and women defending us, Godspeed!"
  • The final dogfight between Bishop and Markov, the fate of Washington DC hanging in the balance.
    • "It's a battle between aces!"
  • Any time you do a counter-maneuver. Doubly so if you pull off a counter-counter-maneuver.
  • Just gonna get one thing out of the way, first. Dogfighting at the outer edges of a Category 5 hurricane.
  • Shooting down an ICBM
  • The second time Bishop responds with "Looking for action".
  • Shooter-1 going One Chopper Force on Moscow to take out the Radars for the surface-to-air missiles certainly counts.
    • Hell, that one Apache practically soloed the entire coup army.