Roaring of the arm is your determination

MECHA-UDE is a Kickstarter-funded anime being made by Sae Okamoto, the same woman behind the animated short "11:08".

One day, a kid comes across a strange mechanical arm. To his surprise, said arm turns out to be sentient. And intelligent. And powerful. As it turns out, this arm is actually a "Mecha-ude", and the two of them team up alongside a girl with her own Mecha-ude in a battle against other Mecha-ude users who want to know the secret behind them.

The project was successful, making $67,918 and will come along with Japanese Audio Commentary and an additional short episode starring the "Heroine" thanks to stretch goals. It is planned to be released on December 2017, however it's been stated that there may be a delay in case of "unexpected trouble". It has now been confirmed to be released on July 2018. You can watch the long version of the promotional trailer here. Cyberconnect 2 is doing extensive animation assistance for the series.

MECHA-UDE provides examples of: