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Alpha Bitch / Comic Books

  • In Spider-Man comics Liz was introduced as one, mocking Peter as much as everyone else, until a boost of Character Development after seeing him in different light turned her into his love interest. Similarly, Gwen Stacy started off not too different, and also developed into a more positive character and subsequent love interest. Arguably, his first true love (his first girlfriend was Betty Brant, but their relationship was rather shallow.)
    • Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane presents a subversion; through the series, it appears that Liz Allen is the Alpha Bitch of the school, and she certainly possesses the usual qualities — head of the cheerleading squad, bitchy and snobby, dating the head football jock, obsessed with becoming Homecoming Queen, so on and so forth. However, come the night of the Homecoming Dance, it's revealed that Mary Jane — the nicer, sweeter, and more easy-going and modest protagonist, and Liz's best friend — is actually far more well-liked, and is voted Homecoming Queen (despite having not even run for it), much to both girl's surprise and, for different reasons, horror. After a big fight between them, Liz admits that she's always been jealous of Mary Jane, more than aware that she's always been the more popular of the two, thus explaining Liz's desperate need to win the Homecoming Queen crown.
    • Spider-Girl presented Heather Noble — she was acting like one of these until Tom Defalco didn't get the idea of making her fall in love with the main character's geek friend. Later, he created Simone DeSantos, full-scaled Alpha Bitch.
  • Spanish comic Mini Monsters:
    • A male Alpha Bitch is Morty Vivente, but he does not appear until the fourth album. He's truly and extremely evil, manipulative and unstable. He, with his band, are dedicated to bullying Frank's gang (the protagonists) and make their "life" miserable. Although he hates Frank the most and wants to destroy him, he desires his brains to eat them (as a zombie). Subverted because he and his gang are much greater losers than their rivals. He's so nasty that he manipulated Victor into being at his side and hired a giant spider to get rid of his rivals. Fortunately, he failed.
    • Guillotine (his "girlfriend") would be an Alpha Bitch too, but because her strong friendship with Piruja (One of the Frank's gang), she is more of a Lovable Alpha Bitch.
  • An Alpha Bitch is seen tormenting an unpopular girl in Joker's Asylum: the Scarecrow. Unfortunately, the girl's psychologist turns out to be Jonathan Crane a.k.a. the Scarecrow. Having been bullied himself, Scarecrow attacks her party and traps her and all her friends into their own personal nightmares.
  • Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.: Courtney is the blonde newcomer who ends up gaining popularity against a brunette Alpha. Said enemy is also a supervillain and the daughter of the series' Big Bad, and once that gets out, the cliques are bound to change.
  • Replace "High School" with "Super Hero Team", and Sistah Spooky from Empowered proves the platonic ideal of this trope down to the Freudian Excuse (she was a frumpy black girl in a high school filled with hellishly gorgeous blond bitches, and wound up selling her soul for looks).
  • Replace "High School" with "Super Hero Team", and you will get I Hate Gallant Girl, with Gallant Girl as the Alpha Bitch. And a megalomaniac control freak in league with supervillains. Interestingly, main character Tempest's entire motivation is the fact that she competed for the chance to be Gallant Girl and was rejected for simply not being blonde.
  • A rare black Alpha Bitch, and among the first to be a protagonist, is Generation X's Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix (yes, that's her full name), also known as M. She's gorgeous, wealthy, and brilliant, with Flying Brick powers plus telepathy and accelerated learning aptitude. Par for the course was a heated rivalry with Jubilee, and a subtler one with Emma Frost. Being Ms. Perfect has backfired at least once, however. When the Massachusets Academy started admitting human students, nobody asked Monet to the dance because all the boys thought she was out of their league. Thankfully, the many sobering events in the X-Men world have kept her from becoming a Rich Bitch for the most part.
  • Veronica from Archie Comics at her worst. Cheryl, too. Depending on the Writer, they alternate between this, Lovable Alpha Bitch and Spoiled Sweet. Regina (Reggie as a girl) was portrayed as an Alpha Bitch in the genderswap issue?
  • Under Geoff Johns, Batman has become the Alpha Brat in the Justice League, with Hal Jordan being positioned as his chief rival, because Hal is the only JLA member who isn't afraid of Batman (indeed, going so far as to punch Batman unconscious when Batman's ego sane and rational concern about someone who was not that long ago an unstable lunatic doubts about Hal led him to try to prevent Hal from stopping the Parallax entity). Ironically, in the Justice League of the New 52 Universe — and written by the same Geoff Johns — is Hal Jordan who acts like an Alpha Brat at least until Justice League #12.
  • Jordanna in Batgirl tends to take on this sort of role towards Stephanie Brown, the main character. Since Stephanie's a pretty laid-back sort (and Batgirl, meaning she usually has bigger fish to fry anyway), her usual reaction to Jordanna's antics is along the lines of amused indifference.
  • Linda Lee/Supergirl from Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th grade is her school's geeky girl, so her bizarro counterpart, Belinda Zee, is an Alpha Bitch.
  • Some incarnations of Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man count as well.
  • Emma Frost is an alpha bitch supreme. Wealthly family? Check. Perceived superiority? Check. Narcissist? Check. Girl posse (the Cuckoos)? Check. Somehow immune to the Powers that Be? Check. In fact, she often profits by the Powers that Be (in that she got a new superpower for no reason and had her rival killed off through Executive Meddling). Oppressed boyfriend (Scott Summers)? Check. Believes she can do anything without consequence? Check. Unpleasant, bullying, mean-spirited excuse for a human being? Big check. And yet somehow she's still considered a hero.
  • Summer Swan, alias Destra, from The Intimates was one of these before she was shipped to a Superhero School; she was considered the leader of her peer group and the other girls obeyed her every command. Now, she doesn't consider any of her classmates her peers, except for Empty Vee, the only other girl in her homeroom.
  • Elle Diablo from All-Ghouls School.
  • George Perez played with the concept way during his run on Wonder Woman through Lucy Spears. Lucy was in the same middle school as Vanessa Kapatelis, the daughter of Wonder Woman's archaeologist friend Julia and Diana's unofficial kid sister. Lucy was actually a mix of this and Lovable Alpha Bitch. Her first appearance made it seem as if she was stealing Vanessa's crush, Barry Locatelli, until Lucy found out Barry had actually lied to her about his relationship with Vanessa. The two bonded when they teamed up to teach Barry a lesson for being an asshole. Over time, Lucy and Vanessa became closer as Vanessa began ignoring her other best friend, Eileen Flowers, which was not helped by Vanessa's ego inflated from having been interviewed in Times Magazine, though Eileen's observations made it clear something was wrong with Lucy when she would snub Vanessa in public. Lucy would go on to kill herself by locking herself in her garage and leaving the car on, suffocating from the exhaust. When Diana visits her parents, she discovers that Mr. and Mrs. Spears were very attentive and loving along with giving Lucy whatever she wanted, but they never realized that all of Lucy's award winning and competitions were underscored by a desperate need to prove something. She begged them to buy her an expensive Wonder Woman doll, saying if Vanessa could have the real thing she could at least have a doll, and if they loved her they would understand. Mrs. Spears sadly asked how Lucy could've believed they didn't lover her enough.
  • Anya's Ghost deconstructs this with Elizabeth. At first, she appears to be a stereotypical Alpha Bitch... but as it turns out, Elizabeth is actually trying to keep her boyfriend in her life because he's the only one who makes her feel good at all, and most girls are jealous of her because an outsider would see her as an Alpha Bitch. In fact, there is a bit of foreshadowing - when Anya falls in gym class, Elizabeth doesn't mock her but asks if she's alright. If anything, it's Anya who fits this trope in personality a little more, but she gets her Character Development.
  • Princess Ugg has Princess Julifer, who is also the main foil to Princess Ulga as a Princess Classic to Ulga's Barbarian Princess.
  • Diana from Zodiac Starforce is every bit the stereotype, being a bully and gathering her own Girl Posse. And interviews with the creators imply that she may be the Big Bad.