Agony Of The Feet / Comic Books

  • A fairly common gag in Mortadelo y Filemón. Generally, the guy's foot gets really swollen, too.
  • In the first Empowered book, a fat nerd who steals Emp's hypermembrane first tests his new "superpowers" by giving a high-kick to a concrete pillar. Unfortunately for him, the super-suit only works for Empowered, and lot of pain ensues.
  • In Astérix, Vercingetorix surrendered to Julius Caesar not by dropping his weapons at Caesar's feet... but on his toes. And then Caesar "went away to other conquests"... by hopping on one foot.
  • Gaston Lagaffe once tries to crack an especially hard nut (a Running Gag) by stepping on it... while wearing his usual soft shoes. Cue the "OULALALALA!!", and Fantasio laughing.
  • Happens in Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire to the title character, after a fork to the foot. He shouldn't have called his uncle Frakkus an "Old Timer".
  • DuckTales: Overjoyed at seeing Scrooge and the boys alive and well after apparently seeing their ghosts, Launchpad forgets to be careful when trying to demonstrate how he could pass his hand right through them and pokes Scrooge hard in the stomach. A few minutes later, Scrooge says, "Well, I assure you, I'm all here now!" and drives his heel into Launchpad's instep, causing him a lot of pain (which was probably intentional).
  • One Scrooge Mcduck story "The Pauper's Glass" has the Duck nephews chasing an amnesiac Scrooge through a balloon factory. After bedeviling them with ball balloons, Scrooge rolls an actual bowling ball at his pursuers. Donald assumes it's just another balloon, and gets a painful surprise when the ball lands on his foot.
  • In Legends (DC), the villain Sunspot uses his power blast to get out of the ankle cuff that Guy Gardner holds him upside-down by, but in the process he accidentally blasts off his right foot. Guy tends to Sunspot's injury, but threatens to cut off the villain's left hand if he uses his power blast again.
  • In The Smurfs comic book version of "The Smurfs And The Howlibird", one Smurf calls upon another to hand him a stone in order to fix the village well that the Howlibird had destroyed, but when carrying the stone, that Smurf is distracted by Papa Smurf calling out while reentering the village, dropping the stone on the first Smurf's foot and causing him agony.