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Abusive Parents: Visual Novels
  • Fate/stay night has Sakura Matou, who has a very similar backstory to Kohaku. While Zouken subjects her "only" to Training from Hell and the Matou crest worms, her stepbrother Shinji rapes her repeteadly.
    • Her adoptive uncle Kariya Matou was a victim of the same sort of Training from Hell via the crest worms, partially because patriarch of the Matou family Zouken liked to watch him suffer.
  • Jigoro Hakamichi, Shizune and Hideaki's father, of Katawa Shoujo. He not only frequently insults his children, Shizune's friends and the student council, but also has refused to learn sign language to speak with his deaf daughter, and has tried for 12 years to get Shizune to learn how to speak, unwilling to accept that she is unable to do so.
  • Kara no Shoujo had Shinji's parents and Yaginuma's father.
  • While really more of an Abusive Uncle, Teppei Hojo from Higurashi: When They Cry definitely fits this trope. He beats Satoko and forces her to do chores for him, threatening to burn down her beloved brother's room if she doesn't comply. It's revealed later on that he's also a pimp, and is engaged in a fraud scheme with one of his working girls (Rina Mamiya) to scam half a million yen out of Rena's father. Teppei's fate changes in each of the three arcs he appears in, and none of them are pretty. He is murdered by Keiichi in Tatarigoroshi-hen; murdered by Rena in Tsumihoroboshi-hen; murdered by Rena, Keiichi, and Shion (all together) in Tsukiotoshi-hen; and arrested by Child Services in Minagoroshi-hen.
  • In Umineko: When They Cry, Rosa Ushiromiya has a very troubled relationship with her daughter Maria; when she isn't being extremely protective or overindulging her, she's slapping her across the face and yelling at her.
    • Rosa herself was on the receiving end of this trope along with her older siblings, and their father, Kinzo, makes his disdain of his own children quite clear several times in the series. And although he did genuinely love his illegitimate daughter Beatrice Ushiromiya, he deluded himself into thinking she was her mother and his beloved mistress reincarnated, leading to him raping her and getting her pregnant.
  • Grave from Symphonic Rain who physically abuses his daughter Lise just because her singing reminds him of his wife who left him for a singer.
  • In Ace Attorney, Pearl's mother, Morgan Fey, screwed up the little girl horribly. To make a long story short, she essentially tried to use Pearl as a receptacle for the spirit of Morgan's other daughter, a sociopath named Dahlia, who was supposed to kill Morgan's niece Maya as a way of catering to a childish, spiteful sibling rivalry. Standard procedure for the Fey clan.
    • And now in Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 we have Yumihiko's father Bansai who throws down the mental abuse on him. Now it's subverted at first in which Yumiko is unaffected by the words because he's used to it, but then later double subverted when his father outright tells him that everything he worked for from his grades to his awards was because his father had made personal connections to allow his son to make it to the top.
      • By default he seems to really get along well with his son, always teasing him in a manner that is clearly affectionate and sometimes even making comments that lead Edgeworth to think he is a doting dad. Once Yumihiko messes up with his plans, however, he is willing to call him every name to get him to follow his orders. This repressive attitude towards his son, combined with how he has been deceiving him (about his real grades and his fatherís crimes) for the entirety of his life makes Bansai not so conventionally "abusive", but more accurately he's being too controlling in a way that he does not take Yumihiko's real well-being into consideration.
    • Miles Edgeworth's adopted father, Manfred von Karma. The extent of his psychological abuse towards Miles is implied rather than stated, but seeing as he manages to turn Miles into the opposite of who his father was, some must have been involved. If that's not enough, letting Miles believe throughout his whole life that he had killed his biological father, and seeing him suffer from nightmares for fifteen years while actually being the culprit, has to count. He wasn't much better to his biological children, either; his daughter Franziska came out as an egomaniac Amoral Attorney, though she's gotten better since.
  • Matsuri, Aoba and Jun's parents in Family Project. Jun's are probably the worst. Her father molested her and her sister since they were small children for years until a neighbor noticed and they got taken away. Their mother? Envious. So she starved them for days on end and then would feed them horrible things. Like flat out poison to Jun, which nearly killed her and prevents her from eating anything but snack bars and drinks.
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