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02:08:14 AM May 21st 2017
  • Pearl Fey's mother, Morgan Fey, screwed up the little girl horribly. To make a long story short, she essentially tried to use Pearl as a receptacle for the spirit of Morgan's other daughter, a sociopath named Dahlia, who was supposed to kill Morgan's niece Maya as a way of catering to a childish, spiteful sibling rivalry. Standard procedure for the Fey clan.
  • Miles Edgeworth's adopted father, Manfred von Karma. The extent of his psychological abuse towards Miles is implied rather than stated, but seeing as he manages to turn Miles into the opposite of who his father was, some must have been involved. If that's not enough, letting Miles believe throughout his whole life that he had killed his biological father, and seeing him suffer from nightmares for fifteen years while actually being the culprit, has to count. He wasn't much better to his biological children, either; his daughter Franziska came out as an egomaniac Amoral Attorney, though she's gotten better since.
Really not sure about it. Surely neither Morgan nor Manfred were good parents, but i don't think there is any indication that they were actually abusive. It's true that Morgan used her daughter and tried to murdere her niece, but Pearl wasn't supposed to know that happened. It's also pretty clear that Pearl loved her mother and absolutely no indication that she hated something about her or was afraid of her. Also she participated in Morgan's plan because she thought it would help Maya, meaning that she saw her mother as good person at least. As for Manfred at the very least both kids respected him and there was no evidence that he was anything more than strict.
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