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Part Eight: And then Sayaka was a Witch...

Let's do some recapping! Hitomitou Makoto's character is derailed for the sake of referring to the Little Mermaid and Sayandere has a break down that's more freakier than Nina or Kotomi's break downs put together. Let's read on her downfall!

Sayaka gives Kyouko the Grief Seed. Hey, since it's rumored that Elsa Maria might be Kyouko's sister, could this count as a screw you to her? Madoka and Sayaka head off and Madoka tells her that enduring pain isn't the way to go, as it could get her head bitten off. And lol at Sayaka going all "I'm a pebble! Weh!" Yes, that is the panel I used for my "I'm a Potato" avatar. And then Sayaka snaps! Shit! Now she's lost it! She knows she can kill! The truth exists beyond the gates! Oh, and nice calling Madoka out there, Sayaka. Sayaka runs off and her Soul Gem fills with despair. I'm sorry for the following joke:

Sayaka: I'm in despair! Kyousuke left me in despair!

Moving on, Kyouko and Homura, unfazed by Sayaka's brutalizing of a Witch that might have been Kyouko's sister or hell, Joan of Arc, talk about Walpurgisnacht's appearance. How does Homura know so much about it? Time Travel "statistics". Kyubey pops up and hilarity ensues. Oh, and Kyubey asks them to stop treating him like a cockroach. Foreshadowing much, Urobuchi? Hey, how come you foreshadow things like people becoming Witches, and yet you forgot to foreshadow an important plot point to someone's said Witchification? Moving on, Kyubey tells them that there will be an event more worse than Walpurgis Night. I checked ahead, no it won't.

Anyways, Sayaka hasn't been in school, so Madoka goes out and looks for her. Meanwhile, Sayaka is looking at Kyousuke and Hitomi hitting it off. She then goes Puella Magi and attacks them.

No... wait... she was attacking Bartels. Yeah... Way to go, manga, you confused me so much that I had to scrap part of this post. ONORE MANGAAAAAA!

Okay, so Homura pops by after Sayaka kills a Bartel and tosses her a Grief Seed instead of stopping time and absorbing the impurities from her Soul Gem that way. Homura even tells her that she will die, and Sayaka doesn't mind that. Homura then asks why she doesn't accept her help. Uh, maybe it's because you were acting like a bitch when you should have been acting friendly. Hell, maybe if you had put more of your meaning into your actions instead of thinking "this will indirectly save Madoka", then maybe Sayaka would have bought it. So, what does Homura do? Does she fess up and tell her the truth? NOOOOO! That would be too fucking obvious! She goes Puella Magi and attempts to kill her because she is treating Madoka like shit! YES! DO IT! I'M PRETTY SURE MADOKA WILL BE COOL WITH THE FACT THAT YOU KILLED HER BEST FRIEND! AGAIN, WHAT THE FUCK DO THE SHIPPERS SEE IN THIS?

Fortunately, Kyouko gets Homura from behind-stop laughing-and calls Homura out for trying to kill Sayaka when she told Kyouko not to kill her. Homura then activates a grenade and the two die in the explosion. I wish. No, Homura ran away from the explosion.

Sayaka then gets on a subway as she overhears two people being misogynistic. I think one of them is Adachi. If this wasn't so dark, they might make a good Those Two Guys thing. I don't know, they're giving me Those Two Guys vibes. Sayaka calls them out for being misogynists and asks them what they think of the twenty-first cent- wait, wrong show. She instead asks why she should fight for scum like them, turns into a Puella Magi and kills them.

This is a popular fan theory in Madoka, and it's good that the author of the manga added that little nod.

So Madoka sits on a bench as Kyubey pops on by to talk to her. He says that yes, Madoka has the power to be God. Uh, Kyubey, it's unwise to give her advice on how to- Oh fuck it, let it bite you in the ass. Again, Kyubey forces the contract on her, and Madoka is about to accept. Cue Homura intervening in 3, 2, 1...

HOLY SHIT! I Knew Homura was going to shoot Kyubey, but I didn't know the Manga would make it that violent! Jesus, Homura, overkill much? Oh wait, that's right. You're a Puella Magi, overkill is your middle name. And you just got to love the soulless expression Homura gives. It reminds me of the picture on the page for Monster. Oh, and yes Homura, Cry Cute. I'm sure that will help people forget the fact that you acted like a bitch and tried to kill Sayaka last time we saw you... Not. She rants on how much people will miss her. And by people I mean Homura. I liked the awkward look that Madoka gives as she's crying her heart out. Madoka then runs off to find Sayaka.

Kyubey pops back in and eats himself rather cutely. Awwwwww... He then confirms the Homura is a Time Lord WMG. In return, Homura calls him a chicken. No really! Okay, she calls him Incubator, which to me falls flat. See, I thought it referred to Faust or the devil, but really it refers to the fact that he "warms" up the egg-shaped Soul Gems to "hatch" into Grief Seeds. Pretty stupid, but it makes sense. Also, lol at troll face. The only thing that could make it more funnier would be if Kyubey responded to Homura like so.

Kyubey: I'm not a chicken, you're a turkey!

Lol. So anyways, Kyouko finds Sayaka and tells her that Kyouko is right and she is wrong. Oh, and Title Drops with a cute face.

Sayaka: I really am such an idiot.

And then Sayaka was a Witch... Also, why did you add the really? It makes more sense for it to be I'm Such An Idiot because that's the freaking title! The style is that the title is supposed to be said in the show. This problem has been repeated in the manga for a while now, but this is where it pisses me off. And apparently, her Grief Seed fires out banners.

Then Kyubey says the Wham Line that had gotten me hooked on the show, and is the best pun in relation to Witches (Take That!, Which and Warrior Witch) Only it's fucked up by the translation. Okay, first off, in order for the Wham Line to work, the term must be "Mahou Shoujo". I have been using Puella Magi, but Mahou Shoujo is interchangeable. Second, Girl and Witch have to be their Japanese wording, Shoujo, and Majo, respectively. If they are not, the Wham Line doesn't work. Other than those two issues, the Wham Line is pretty solid. Also, I no longer hear Emiri Katou when I read Kyubey's lines from this point forward. You know what I do hear when I read Kyubey's lines from now on? This guy. Yes, the Narrator from Berserk.

And so our chapter ends. What will happen to Sayaka now? Just who is Homura? Will there be a way to take down Walpurgisnacht? And will it be with or without Madoka's sacrifice? For all these questions and more, Foregone Conclusion will solve everything.

Penpals, play me out!


Actually, what Homura means is that it's pointless to kill humans; You don't get any Grief Seeds from murdering people, and the despair just makes your Soul Gem fill up faster. Not that a magical girl *can't* kill people...It's just that it's counterproductive.
iridium248 11th Jul 11
That makes sense. Thanks for telling me.
Psyga315 11th Jul 11