Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

Chapter 25: Super Cannons

Mistralton City

Move Relearner: "So you want Piloswine to relearn Ancientpower, correct? That will be one Heart Scale!"

"Yes yes yes take my Heart Scale go on."

Move Deleter: "Fufufu... why don't you come over to me and I can delete some moves for you?"

"No thanks."

Move Deleter: "Aww, I'm failing my mission... I think? Wait, why are you in my house?!"

Temporarily replacing Bulldoze with Ancientpower, I returned to the Mistralton Gym, and took a look at it.

Mistralton Gym

Clyde: "You know the drill by now! Water for you, and now gym advice! You need to launch yourself out of those cannons to proceed!"

"Thanks, and thanks for the ad- wait, WHAT?!"

Clyde: "Good luck!"

I cautiously approached the first cannon, which promptly pulled me in and launched me.


I landed feet first with a sickening crunch.


Much to my horror, the rest of the gym was filled with more cannons.


I launched out of the next one, and landed flat on the floor. I then noticed it had launched me into a dead end.

"Ugh, what...?"

I returned to the cannon, and launched in the opposite direction, landing near my first opponent. He was defeated with ease.

The next cannon probably broke several bones, but there was nothing I could do about it. I then faced a pilot.

Pilot Ted: "Wooosh! Woosh! Br-br-br-br-br! Ka-pow!"

"Stop playing plane and fight already."

Pilot Ted: "You just can't appreciate imagination."

After Piloswine crushed his Sigilyph, it was ready. Congratulations! My Piloswine evolved into Mamoswine!

"Wait, why am I congratulating myself?"

The next cannon was poised to launch me back to a previous area, but I noted it could be entered at a different angle.

"Tricky, tricky."

This one launched me right to another cannon, which splatted me onto the floor near a grate. I then had to backpedal and take the same cannon from the other side, which then led to a fight with a trainer with a Swoobat that used Calm Mind to set itself up but never got the chance to attack.

"How tragic."

I then boarded the second to last cannon, which had its tragectory too high; I splatted against the wall, and fell off.

Skyla: "Hey, don't sleep! We need to battle!"

One trip to the hospital later, and one successful attempt at convincing Skyla to adjust the cannon, I re-entered the Gym and marched up to Skyla.

Skyla: "Wasn't that fun? You were all "woosh" and "blam" and "splat"!"

"It wasn't fun at all!"

Skyla: "I just fly myself over to my leader spot when I come here, so I've never gotten to test the cannons myself."

"Please do. It would bring me great pleasure to know you've used the cannons here."

Gym Battle!

Anthony vs. Skyla

I led with Omanyte, while Skyla led with Swoobat.

Skyla: "Bird Pokemon are the best!"

"But Swoobat isn't a bird!"

Skyla: "What are you talking about? It has wings!"


Omanyte used Rock Tomb on Swoobat, damaging its wings.

Skyla: "See? Wings."

Swoobat used Heart Stamp, dealing light damage to Omanyte, before Skyla healed it. I commanded Rock Tomb again, since the Swoobat had used Amnesia earlier to boost its Special Defense.

Move Deleter: "Amnesia boosts your stats! Why don't you let me make all your Pokemon forget moves so their stats can be boosted, hmm? Then they'll be weak and our secret plan can proceed! Wait, where is this place? You, blue suit lady, who are you?"

Skyla: "I'm... I think I'm Anthony, right?"

Move Deleter: "Oh, so you're the one I have to stop! Okay then!"

While Skyla was distracted, I commanded Omanyte to begin a Rollout spree. Skyla healed Swoobat again, but the next Rollout hit struck its weak point and one-hit-KO'd it. Well, one-hit considering it was just fully healed, but you get the point.

Skyla: "Go, Swanna!"

"Aww, that's out of order."

I switched out to Murkrow, who crippled Swanna with Thunderwave as it set up Aqua Ring. Murkrow used Thief to see if it could nab any item off the Swanna, but Swanna had none and dealt a harsh Air Slash to Murkrow. Murkrow dealt one Wing Attack before falling to a second Air Slash.

Skyla: "Yay, I win! I win!"

"Uh, I have 5 more..."

Omanyte returned to the field of battle and used Rollout, which Swanna survived just barely. Thankfully, paralysis kept it from retaliating, and it was finished the next turn by Rollout.

Skyla: "Last one! Go, Unfezant!"

I switched to Mamoswine.

Skyla: "Oh, piggy!"

Mamoswine took off a huge chunk of Unfezant's health with Ice Shard, and received a mere Leer in retaliation. It then prepared Razor Wind as its second attack, not that it had the chance to use it before fainting.

Skyla: "Aww..."

"Well, that was rather easy, I must say."

Skyla: "Here you go!"

She pinned the badge to my arm.


-Anthony received the Jet Badge from Skyla.-

Skyla: "And also, you get this!"

-Anthony obtained a TM62 Acrobatics!-

Skyla: "Oh, by the way, I saw Plasmorons earlier. Have fun!"


I pulled the badge out from my arm and put it in the case. Skyla then shoved me in the return cannon and fired me out the front door of the gym.

N: "They may say it is for understanding one another better, but-"

I crashed into him at mach speed, knocking him out cold.

"Well, that spares me a long-winded speech..."

I hobbled over to the Pokemon Center to recuperate, but not before a kid chucked an Aerial Ace TM at me from a house.

"What is with the people in this region...?"


Hehe! Nice update. :)
DarkerShining 2nd Jul 12
Bats = Birds.

Unlike most birds, they taste horrible though. Too gamey and greasy.
PippingFool 12th Jul 12