Sandbox: Largest Ham 2011

Largest HamLargest Ham 2011 Lx C85d PE
Sandbox: Largest Ham 2011

At issue:
The troper which would make the biggest meal, apparently.
This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.
+11 (yeas:30 nays:19)
Charlatan (nominated by Anonymous User, not Charlatan)
+6 (yeas:19 nays:13)
vandro (nominated by GMH)
+6 (yeas:11 nays:5)
Chabal2 (Nominated by Made Of Axes)
+2 (yeas:10 nays:8)
Sean Murray I (nominated by sgrunt)
+2 (yeas:8 nays:6)
+1 (yeas:13 nays:12)
Tibetan Fox
0 (yeas:6 nays:6)
Raw Power
-1 (yeas:9 nays:10)
Disregard this. Vorpy Shit Suggestion...
-3 (yeas:0 nays:3)
-4 (yeas:6 nays:10)
sgrunt. (Nominated by Juancarlos11)
-4 (yeas:12 nays:16)
The *MIGHTY* Anonym (nominated DELICIOUSLY by The *MIGHTY* Anonym!)

I'm The Mighty Anonym; and I approved this message.

Seconded by TParadox to cement the legitimacy of the nomination.

Also taken in by Vorpy.

Here is a quote, to help you decide whom to vote for:
Countless men have DIED by MY hands; I can break steel girders with my right leg, and mountains with my left; Children cry when they hear my foot steps, while mighty men unsheathe their guns; I have carved my initials into the SUN ITSELF; I am the SLAMMER of revolving doors; I kill people with my wicked gaze; I have many names, and all of them are FEARED.

I am the GREATEST WARRIOR IN SPARTA, the TALLEST BADASS in America, and the most ~DELICIOUS LOVER~ in the WORLD!!!!


I'm the The Mighty Anonym.


-4 (yeas:4 nays:8)
Total number: 12. Number shown: 12.

Total number of votes: 244

Largest HamLargest Ham 2011 Lx C85d PE