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Where to put children who are raised by animals?

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As per the new trope description, but entitle it Raised by Wolves, currently redirected to No Social Skills.

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Create a new trope Literally Raised By Wolves (Or another title via YKTTW): just animal parents. It would be a supertrope covering all the ways a kid can turn out:
  • Mute, vicious and lacking.
  • Weird but talking.
  • Perfectly ordinary.
  • Shark Powers because they were raised by sharks!

  • Avoids complicating Wild Child.
  • Just what it sounds like.
  • Many examples will need to move. It will take time for the new name to become the norm.
-5 (yeas:2 nays:7)
Expand the text of Wild Child to cover all cases of children being raised by animals.

  • Used to mean children raised by animals already in some wicks.
  • Many of the examples on Wild Child read this way.
  • Requires a rewrite — the current text is mostly about mute, really feral kids.
  • Title might not be as immediately obvious as Literally Raised By Wolves .
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Wig Dress AccentWild Child Wild Mass Guessing
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