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Keep Uncanny Valley as a disambiguation page, describing the original robotics study, and split the current examples into two new pages:

  • Uncanny Valley Graphics: A subjective Audience Reaction about graphics or animatronics attempting to produce photorealism, accidentally ending up causing discomfort.
  • Uncanny Valley Character: The in-universe trope describing a portrayal, where an abnormal character intended to be scary, is slightly less realistic than its context.
0 (yeas:16 nays:16)
Keep Uncanny Valley as it is, a subjective audience reaction that may or may not have author intention, and may be revolving around single character portrayals compared to their context, or a whole work's graphics.
-9 (yeas:8 nays:17)
Redefine Uncanny Valley as a subjective Audience Reaction only, about graphics or animatronics failing to be completely realistic, and causing discomfort in viewers.

Launch a new page for the trope of scary humanoids being portrayed as slightly less realistic than their context, and move all the appropriate examples there.
-14 (yeas:4 nays:18)
Redefine Uncanny Valley as the invoked trope of abnormal characters being portrayed as slightly inhuman, and keep those examples.

Reference the subjective audience reaction to near-photorealistic graphics, in the description, as an alternative meaning of the term, but don't list examples of that.
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Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate DestinyUncanny Valley Uncanny Valley Girl
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