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Page Action: Press X To Die
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Define Press X to Die as the supertrope "A game mechanic that allows the player to kill themself at will." Create a YKTTW for the "as a level reset" subtrope.
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This page is misused for basically any action in a video game that can get your character killed.

Suggestion: define this trope as a standard command that kills the character to reset the current level, as common in puzzle games (name TBD).

YKTTW a different trope for inventory item interactions that serve no purpose other than to kill yourself (e.g. "use sword on me").

A number of examples on the page are actually Schmuck Bait (e.g. an in-game red button on the wall that causes a laser beam to kill you); move those to that trope instead. A number of other examples are simply "you can die in this game", which falls under People Sit on Chairs; these should be removed.
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Rename Press X to Die, but leave the definition as is.
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Pragmatic HeroPress X To Die Press X To Jason
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