Crowning Moment Of Funny: Ed Edd N Eddy

Ed Edd N Eddy
Crowning Moment Of Funny
Crowning Moment Of Funny: Ed Edd N Eddy
These moments just make you burst out laughing. This is for all the scenes that were just flat-out hilarious.

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Ed's scam. That is all.

"Evil tim has beccond them!"
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Anything with Rolph. For Example:

After Eddy insults him (unwittingly) Rolph duels Eddy with a giant fish. After beating Eddy to a pulp with said fish. He returns to his normal cheerful manner and says simply "The honor of Rolph's family has been restored! (beat) Thank you." and walks off with a smile.

Or when Edd's lack of sleep has made him a little loopy. He gives Rolph advice on how to remove lobsters from his garden. "Of course...the wax." Cue Rolph wandering back to the Eds later in the episode several lobsters attached to him. "Never use hot wax to sooth angry lobsters."

And of course as a cow is about to fall on him. "MAMA! A BANDAGE FOR ROLPH!!!"
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Ed Edd N Eddy
Crowning Moment Of Funny